Food & Drink

Party like your name is Hernan

Created by a gent who currently helms the beloved Matador, the Conquistador is SE's newest watering hole drawing on lovingly curated classic Portland mid-century dive-kitsch. Case in point: the two-story Boogie Nights-meets-Aguirre: The Wrath of God wonderland of games, booths, and booze, which’s all watched over by artifacts sporting the image of the namesake explorers/ soldiers (Bonus: there’s also ample street parking for your DeSoto): The Environs: Cream walls and dark wood are the backdrop for a gently curved, basement-ish old-man bar sporting a 1975 free-play Rock-Ola jukebox, beyond which’re huge date-friendly booths, pool and shuffleboard tables, and a two-couch make-out room loft holding three pinball tables, including Medieval Madness, or what you could call the wholesale slaughter of natives to facilitate a search for a city constructed entirely of gold. Too soon? The Food & Drink: Thanks to the joint’s Venezuelan chef, eats're South American favorites like molasses black beans, corn cakes, and fresh empanadas stuffed w/ caramelized onions & mushrooms. Augmenting said fried fare're classic 'tails like the Aviation gin/ Chartreuse Last Word and the mezcal/ ginger beer/ pineapple juice/ cucumber water El Chupacabra, after which you should definitely not search for your own El Dorado.