Laurelwood, meet Sellwood

Just opening up its huge roll-up doors to a wood-laden, sun-soaked pub in the heart of Rockwellian SE Portland's Westmoreland (who was also great on the first season of Prison Break), the new Laurelwood is here to augment your pints with a meal beyond sandwiches for the first time since the pizza-fied original shuttered

They've awakened those pies, which run from standard to schizo (one with cheddar, bacon & broccoli that eschews sauce in favor of mashed potatoes), and're also plating spicy beer/cheese meatloaf, housemade pastrami w/ Tree Hugger Porter mustard, and a chickpea-loaded hot curry, which was way hotter before it started banging Bobby Brady. If award-winning organic beer's not your thing, get the hell out of Portland, heretic!! But before you do, grab one of the Wood's brand-new cocktails, including an IPA/OJ shandy riff and a cucumber-basil margarita that'd have Toni feeling way finer than that Mickey chump

Oh and they're also happening to do beer: 12 brews to be exact, from the legendary Free Range Red and Workhorse IPA, to seasonals like the walloping 6.1% Wry Pale Ale, the walloping-er 9% Green Mammoth, and Fall favorite Stingy Jack Pumpkin Ale, all available during 3-6p & 9p-close happy hours for just $3, an imbibing-friendly price that will leave you anything but wood-laden.