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Flower powering into the night

With so many things named after the city's official flower -- The Rose Garden, The Roseland, The Rose Quarter, 32% of all strippers -- it's perplexing that Portland hasn't had a bar named after the thorny flora. Until now, that is, thanks to the blossoming of downtown lounge The Rose

Nestled amongst the turn-of-the-century buildings near Skidmore Fountain, The Rose is a two-floor, exposed-brick-laden club with casual couch seating and an endlessly long bar shelling out hand-tossed pizzas all night long. The beer menu's limited to a few taps, but the main game's classic cocktails alongside specialty elixirs like a namesake rose water/ vodka/ champagne concoction, in addition to specialty shots like the Red Bull, Midori, vodka & Pucker-loaded Oregon Bomb, which the FBI will definitely trick you into planting under the Pioneer Square Christmas tree. Those cocktails will have you making far more hilarious shake-faces in the upstairs photo booth, and Sprinklering even harder on the dance floor, where Fri & Sat DJs will be spinning everything from pop and hip hop to house

Rose is only soft-open Wed-Sat at this point, but it plans to blow the doors open with two parties that you should rally your crew for right here, including a bumpin'/grindin' grand opening on July 13th, and before that, the joint's first karaoke night on the 11th hosted by Baby Ketten -- the well-regarded karaoke collective, not the stripper.