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Old Town, new brewery

Like many Old Town residents near the MAX tracks, Pints Brewing has suffered through an identity crisis, though unlike most, it doesn't cover itself in street mud and scream at newspaper stands all night. By day, it was Everyday Coffee; by night, it was Urban Taproom. But from here on out, by always, it'll be Pints Brewing Co., the newest small brewery in PDX

The coffee remains, but starting tomorrow, Pints' own pints will be pulled alongside other Pacific Northwest beers in a brick-walled, rustic piece of Old Town real estate, with a gallery-like display of paintings leading back to the old-school, small-scale brewery operation lorded over by an award-winner from temporarily shuttered New Old Lompoc, which next year, could become New New Old Lompoc, just to make things more fun on foursquare. The beers run the style gamut, from jet-black Steel Bridge Stout (boasts seven different malts!) to the surprisingly mellow Seismic IPA, earthy/fruity Red Brick Rye, and the Tavern Ale, which is Brit-style with a nice hint of bitterness (America never forgets, you dirty Redcoats!). A red and seasonals are in development, and everything pairs well with their outdoor-grilled brats and burgers (plus breakfast sammies and pastries in the AM), and of course, Blazers games on one of the flatscreens, a combo that really can't be Thabeet

Definitely hit up Pints' daylong bash on Friday starting at noon, at which there'll be $3 beers, live music starting at 7p, a naming competition for that upcoming red ale, and a chat with the brewer, assuming you can pull yourself away from the fiery debate with that lamp-post.