Food & Drink

Comfort food & oh so much booze at the base of Forest Park

Despite overlooking the site of a dried-up lake that houses Montgomery Park (which, in turn, lacks swingsets and grass), NW-situated Rae's Lakeview Lounge still has the feel of a lake-town bar with a massive deck outside and an interior with candles lighting up vintage photos detailing the area's soggier past

You can comfort yourself/your stomach all day, with biscuits & gravy and Dungeness crab Benedict, soups & sandwiches for lunch, and the real highlight: dinners like daily specialty pot pies, top sirloin platters, meatloaf w/ mashers, Mussels Thurman (white wine, shallots, bacon, zero Super Bowls), and flame-grilled ahi

Prices nose-dive during a $2-$5, 2-6p daily happy hour featuring calamari, burgers, and rillettes, while a biblically thick cocktail menu features the Keyser Soze Old Fashioned with muddled fruit & French brandy in lieu of murderous vengeance and a fake limp, and the Blanco Limonada w/ fresh-squeezed lemonade and tequila, all of which'll ensure you won't be drying up any time soon.