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Sidecar 11
600-some square feet of delicious drinks


Bigger isn't always better, as evidenced by phones, computers, and mid-Nineties musicians, who prove that good things come in small rappers, despite what Leoshi and her baller boyfriend might think. Making your boozy wishes come true in a tiny bar: Sidecar 11.

From a team of dudes with serious PDX bar/resto chops (including the owner of massive Davis Street Tavern), Sidecar's a willfully obscure speakeasy-ish Mississippi Ave watering hole built for neighborhood types, slinging classic 'tails under soaring ceilings across a slim standing-only bar, set in a hall-like room that's only 11.5ft wide, or roughly the same as a Cadillac Brougham. The core of 'Car is the handsome roster of whiskeys applied towards liquid awesomeness like the Kentucky Peach (bourbon/ mint/ lemon/ peach bitters), two Manhattan variations including one tricked out with 100-proof bourbon, Regan's #6 orange bitters, and Cynar (an interesting apéritif that includes artichokes), plus a whiskey/ espresso job called the Jittery Hick, although doesn't that describe every last one of those meth heads? The non-whiskey side of the drinkage also dips into classic territory, like the Spire Cider/tequila Brass Monkey, the Ford (local Old Tom gin/ Dolin vermouth/ Benedictine/ orange bitters), and four Champagne cocktails including the St. Germain/ Peychaud-bittered Your Mother Smells Of Elderberries...well, duh, she's been banging Chuck for 32 years!

Such a small joint leaves little room for big food, but Sidecar manages nicely with garlic steak or chicken skewers, sammies including a three cheese panini, flatbread pizzas, and warm cookies for dessert -- although eat enough of them, and you will not look good, and no one will call you.

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