Sports! Booze! Food!

Get ready for a much-needed chorus of "Somos Timbers" on a stretch of Russell known for fancy food and indie rock, thanks to the arrival of Tavin's Pub. The new eastside Timbers Army barracks boast a sporty downstairs projector-equipped lounge topped by a TV-less upstairs where your date can hide in shame as you show strangers the axe tattoo on your upper thigh. The play-by-play: Booze: Bloodys and martinis get a kick from chili pepper-infused vodka, while beers run the gamut from 25oz steins of Lompoc's Kick Axe (a sudsy Valentine to the side), to 22oz bottles like Proletariat, who is apparently controlling the means of production of beer. Food: Extremely somewhat like Bo Jackson, Tavin's is a two-sport bar-foodery as skilled with wings and nachos as it is with risotto balls and salmon, which unfortunately Bo Jackson didn't kill with a spear he whittled himself from a tree he grew from a sapling. And don't forget the burger n' beer special: a mondo, juicy pub patty paired with a pint all day, every day. Sports: Seven screens show everything from baseball to golf, hockey, and MMA, but the biggest draw should prove to be Timbers Tuesday, when you can join the crowds cheering Kalif & co. and dig into drink specials, in case you're not currently buried in non-Timbers green.

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