High gravity beers for high altitudes

Just opened by brew lovers representing pretty much all of PDX's outdoors types -- a lumberjack, hikers, campers & social climbers -- Base Camp is a gigantic brewery and taproom designed to look like, well, a base camp, loaded with handmade tree cross-section tables, kegs dangling from climbing gear, and a hanging canoe, which can only be used in super chill waters.

The beers are brewed in massive vats shipped by train from a defunct Wisco brewery, and many utilize toasted oak chips Fargo-ed out back in a wood chipper to give them a campfire feel, like the smoky 7.7% S'More Stout with a marshmallow blowtorched to the side. The brewer's planning to pop out more suds regularly (including a new pilsner and pale later this week) while maintaining its signatures, which include the ultra-hoppy In-Tents IPA, the Kolsch-inspired Paolschienbier, and the malty, Brit-inspired Out-Of-Bounds Brown, not to be confused with "Out-On-Bond Brown", as he prefers to be called "Chris".

Brews are available to-go in aluminum 22oz-ers and metal growlers, or in pints to slug in the rustic tasting room, where they've drilled holes in the ceiling to create an illuminated replication of the August night sky, so even those who think "outdoors types" means MacBook on a bench can feel one with nature.