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The Tannery
Craft cocktails & gourmet bar bites

Open on the Western side of Tabor even to people not named "DJ" or "Uncle Joey", Tannery's a small, rustic joint whose gas lamps, huge communal table, and animal-bone decor give it a Colonial feel, which's set off by two turntables spinning the owners' own collection, although it's unclear they have the LP for appropriately 17th-century superhit "The Great Silkie Of Sule Skerry"

The latest project by the folks behind the bygone Skin & Bones, Tannery Bar is a cocktail appreciator's dream thanks to the the Quince Jones w/ white dog, byrrh wine & quince shrub, and the Elderflower Tonic w/ gin & syrup made from Buddha's Hand, a fruit with no skin, not what Buddha makes you talk to when he's feeling sassy. There's also a small tap selection, plus pan-Euro bottles including Germany's Monschoff Schwarzbier, and Belgians like Forest Organic Saison and Orval, a couple of which'll will have you flying Wright

For those rare folk who can't subsist on booze alone, an open kitchen is whipping up high-end bar bites like duck wings w/ cranberry gastrique, and organic apple pie w/ bourbon whipped cream that's so good, it doesn't even require any Sweetin-er.

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1. The Tannery 5425 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97215

The Tannery, in the Western part of Tabor, is a small, rustic spot that's got gas lamps, a huge communal table, and some animal-bone decor. Safe to say it's got a real Colonial feel to it, but it's not all old stuff -- they've also got two turntables that spin the owners' personal collections, blasting their favorites as you sip homemade cocktails.

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