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Beers on the patio, in the garage, and on the go

Sure, it's ironic that Beer Bunker, a new drinking establishment named for a military fortification designed to protect its denizens from falling bombs, is now getting its customers exactly that, but then again it's really less fallout shelter and more ancient garage. In fact, the retractable doors shed light on a cavernous, unfinished room with a central wraparound bar made from old bowling lane wood, surrounded by 1930s beer ephemera, vintage cans turned into lamps, scrap-metal stools, and old-school desks wrenched from their former lives and Frankensteined into something far more horrifying: tables.Of course there's also a trio of flatscreens airing Timbers/Ducks/Blazers games, the latter made bearable by 12 taps pouring local suds that change almost daily, but could count Double Mountain's 11.9% Formidable Double IPA, Alameda All American Rye, and Gilgamesh Mamba, a hop-less brew known as Black Mamba until everyone realized a beer without hops could only honor Joel Przybilla.A row of fridges also houses a museum-like collection of deuce-deuces, liters, and cans you can take to go (or for $1 pop open and drink at one of their Tabor-facing picnic tables), with the 100+ offerings including Fearless Scottish Ale, Laurelwood Belgian-style Cardinal Sin, and Walkabout's hoppy Point the Bone, which was probably the Cardinal's sin. As for food, the kitchen's only whipping up pita pizzas, but they're happy to let you bring in outside nosh, in case you feel that a slice from nearby Flying Pie would provide more fortification than a bunker against getting bombed.