The longest week-long bender you've ever been on

Meant to celebrate the fact that Portland has the most breweries in the world (Suck it, Bavaria! And also Milwaukee, you may suck it as well.), Beer Week is primed to rock PDX with 10 days of food pairings, exclusive tastings, and even the world premiere of a documentary about women in the beer industry, a movement pioneered by Rosie the Pabst Blue Ribboner. Your Beer Week best bets:

The Love Of Beer Premiere: The aforementioned documentary celebrates the smokin' hop women of beer, like Saraveza owner Sarah Pederson, and Lisa Morrison, Beer O'Clock radio host and "beer goddess", a title previously held by Bar-temis, and before her, Aph-Stroh's-dite.

Brewers Burger Brawl: Five suds-smiths'll battle for grill supremacy as you judge which can make the best burger to pair with one of their own beers, although protected status will likely keep you from enjoying a Blue Heron burger.

Sushi and Beer: Experts from both sides will offer individually priced pairings of rare brews from Breakside and Caldera with rolls, sashimi, etc. -- the best combination of booze and seafood since any time you actually enjoyed yourself while fishing.

Beer Ice Cream: Salt & Straw will unveil five different Oregon beer-addled ice creams over five days, including their Laurelwood brown ale with bacon, signaling a bold new era in which someone finally improved on the astronaut stuff.

Along with smaller one-offs, Beer Week is also studded with mini-fests including one rocking ales of a new style called Cascadian Dark, and another devoted to lower-alcohol session beers, which basically amounts to sucking what's from Milwaukee.