This is huge

Like a jackrabbit during mating season (or an Evander Holyfield during any season), the Portland beer scene just keeps popping out new babies. The latest: Gigantic Brewing, which just rolled up the door on its garage-style tasting room/"Champagne lounge" in the beer-starved industrial area hiding behind Reed. You can currently nab by-the-bottle bubbly, two guest beers, and five of their own originals, including:The City Never Sleeps: The surprisingly light, nutty Black Saison packs enough flavor to have landed it the People's Choice Award when it debuted at last month's Oregon Garden Beer Fest, even though at 7.3% ABV, it's capable of putting most of the city to sleep.Collabo Wabo: A joint project with Gigantic's BFFs at Eugene's Oakshire, CW is home to all-time great drama The Vampire Diaries a hybrid of Irish Red and American-style Amber.Hoppy Hoppy Nano Beer: Another team effort, this time with Breakside Brewery ("WTF, man?" says Oakshire as it de-friends Gigantic on Facebook), this was crafted for Gigantic's grand opening and is exactly what it sounds like: a thick-bodied ale with a little citrus and an ultra-thick head, packing a monster 8.9% ABV.Gigantic promises to keep pumping out new imbibables (including the upcoming hop explosion Axes of Evil) and will offer 22oz-ers next month to complement its $10 growlers, which are a Real Deal if there ever was one.