Food & Drink

Cardiff's newest spot to try your luck

Taking over the former Yogi's like they're Jay-Z in 2001, the crew behind Cardiff Beach Bar followed a different kind of Blueprint to spruce up the meandering joint, with a new coat of paint, a Tower 13 mural by the refreshed bar, signs repping local surf spots, and, if they have it their way, an "older crowd than Yogi's", so... find another hang, seniors at San Dieguito High! The snarky (though fresh! And seasonal!) food menu kicks off with starters like Shrimp with a Limp (sugar cane-skewered shrimp w/ sweet & spicy apricot sauce & spicy cucumber salad), chicken wings 10 ways (including FIREHOLE!), and a “big bowl of mussels” dubbed Arnold's Secret, which Maria Shriver is reportedly still struggling to swallow. The spot's real belly fillers include a few outliers like an ancho-chile-glazed, 10oz New York strip with a fully loaded baked potato, but primarily stick to handhelds like the Tower 13 Po' Boy with your choice of hand-breaded shrimp, calamari or oyster, plus 10 burgers including the applewood-smoked bacon & whole grain mustard aioli-topped Bacon Boy, who Louie Anderson has tried to adopt upwards of 60 times. Because your whistle is boring when it's not wet, they've stepped up the beer game with 24 taps (reserving 10 for locals), and're mixing up 12 specialty cocktails like the Buffalo Trace/ muddled strawberry/ lemon/ ginger beer “Holy Buck”, which should help when you're trying to rationalize why exactly you're talking to Supa Ugly chicks.