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Carlsbad gets more hoppy

You like beer. And you like Carlsbad, and not just because of the Motherhood Maternity Factory Store at the Premium Outlets. So it's only logical that you should like Fezziwig's Brewing, the newest brewery ready to tell your taste buds, "I got hops. And barley and stuff". Dance into their tasting room to sample: Classics: As of now, you can find yourself the proud taster of go-to's like a dry, "Darby" Porter Ale with hints of cocoa, a fresh, citrusy, and "deceptively sessionable" India Pale Ale, and a lighter bodied "Tiny Tim" Cream Ale with "floral character" -- something you really only get when you stop and smell the roses. Then stop doing stuff with flowers. Seasonals: Right now they've got an 11% barley wine that is "big, dark, and sticky". And soon, they'll rock a Cuvee, which they describe as "barley wine souped up with secret ingredients", making it strong enough for a man, and also hopefully ph balanced for men, too. You'll want to keep coming back to their tasting room as they're very serious about constantly changing their styles, proving they could teach a thing or two to that complacent wrap dress buyer over at Motherhood Maternity.