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Putting a new I in IPA

The “only licensed Native American brewer in the world”, the guy behind Indian Joe Brewing named his Vista brewery after his great-great uncle, who was well known in Native American communities (like Pala, Rincon) in the early 1900s for having a “unique home brew” so good people were like, “damn, this water is straight fire!”. And the rest is history. Or made up.

Despite the unassuming, sandwich shop-esque facade, the spot features a sizable tasting room decked out with neon Indian head signs, an old Harley, and an elbow-shaped bar. Much like stars your Great Aunt hasn't bought for her friend Gloria's birthday and Prince circa 2000, the beers will start off nameless while the crew experiments, but they're already pouring a trio of Hefs (lemon, apricot/peach, and honey), and three iterations of American IPAs including two 8%-ers made with Summit & Zythos hops, and a third jammed full of Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe, Cascade, and Magnum hops, which surprisingly do fit most palates.

More specialty brews include two Oktoberfests with different yeasts, a pumpkin ale with pumpkin pie spice, finished in their pub with cinnamon and a sugar rim, and even a root beer that's damn good, despite being far less intoxicating than actual beer from Joe's roots.