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Beer soaked in history

Because latitude 44 would put you in South Dakota and make you very sad, a SoCal native (who ditched his job as a jeweler to get learned in beer) opted to call his brewing company Latitude 33, which celebrates the sweet North/South position of our fine city, and features suds named for notable historical events/anecdotes that took place upon said parallel.

Get drenched in historical know-how by sipping:

Vanilla's Porter: This 6.2% ABV, vanilla bean-spiced porter with a “mocha head” is NOT named for the dude who helps Ice on and off trains, but instead named for a different dude who married a legendary prostitute named Vanilla, and definitely would be proud to hear her being called a "legendary prostitute" hundreds of years later.

Straw Horse Wheat Ale: Paying homage to the equine effigy sailors once burned after getting a “dead horse” off their back (i.e. settling a debt... most likely involving killing a horse) this American ale gets the job done with 5.3% ABV and uses German hops for “just a touch of bitterness”.

Camel Corps IPA: One time someone in the US Government thought it was a great idea to buy exactly 77 camels to aid in settling the new Southwest territories, and then the Civil War broke out and they were all, "Really, dude? CAMELS?" and fired him. True story. Also true: this 65 IBU, West Coast-style IPA features a “Kiwi twist” from NZ Motueka hops, and was named after said story.

The Pasha's Rye Brown Ale: Paying homage to the boys at Pendleton, this brown takes its name from the guy who introduced the Marines to their ceremonial Mameluke sword. And thanks to it being spiced with German/Canadian Rye, the beer features flavors of “candied fruits and pumpernickel bread”, which aren't specifically German/Canadian, but hey -- give the guy some latitude.