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Check out the local sudsery's new, old home

Properly resurrected in '07 after a long break in the biz (say... since Prohibition), MB's just moved its old Chula Vista brew house downtown to a tasting room'd, wood-lined brick behemoth formerly known as the historic Wonderbread factory, which is just a short jaunt from PETCO, making it super convenient for you to drink in the brews, before you drink in the boos. Highlights from their small initial line up include:

Mission AmberThis triple-award-winning Dusseldorf-style Altbier rocks a modest 5% ABV and 43 IBUs but's full of a "caramel taste, a crisp lager-like spirit and a toasty character", though how Wendell the Baker from Cinnamon Toast Crunch got involved is still a little unclear.

Mission BlondeUtilizing the appropriate Kolsch yeast, this ale "settles into the realm of restorative" (i.e. it contains alcohol), and aims to replicate brews from Koln, Germany, which is now the modern city of Cologne, so expect it to get you totally bombed... then slowly reconstructed.

Shipwrecked Double IPAThis new addition to the arsenal is heavily loaded with 9.25% ABV, hoppy-ness from four different breeds, and a finish uncharacteristic for the variety which's "smooth as silk with no hint of high gravity hotness", as such oppressive laws of physics make it physically impossible to jump anyone's bones.