Beer- and bourbon-soaked everything

Because the Monster kind is sooo 1962, The Verant Group opted to make Barleymash their eighth foray into SD nightlife (for other examples see: Sandbar and practically everything called "Tavern"), throw it in the former Whiskey Girl space (now giving off a sports pub-ish vibe with brick walls, a 360-degree stone-topped bar, and mad flatscreens), and give it a menu almost entirely packed with foodstuffs containing booze. Sudsy starters range from pickle spears spread w/ cream cheese, wrapped in prosciutto, deep-fried, and served w/ whole grain honey porter mustard and ale aioli, to fries topped w/ pork belly confit, stout-braised short rib, pulled pork & pepper jack beer cheese, a dish they're calling the "All In", presumably because eating one by yourself is such a gamble. They've also got eight barley & beer bun'd burgers like the serrano/ cream cheese/ salsa/ tobacco onion/ tequila cilantro aioli “Volcano”, or plates piled with mounds of honey porter pulled pork with Jameson smoked paprika aioli, or crispy pork belly confit slow-cooked in duck fat and sided with potatoes coated in a bourbon/brown sugar glaze, most likely because people started freaking out when they heard there was no alcohol in the pork belly. Behind the bar they're pouring 30 beers, and mixing house 'tails like the Magic Hat-topped “Midway” with Sailor Jerry & Angostura bitters, and the “Old Town” (reposado tequila, agave nectar, bell pepper, jalapeno & cilantro), or, if you're feeling lucky, head downstairs to their subterranean martini lounge called Ginger's, which is essentially aimed at cougars -- yet another thing that seems a lot easier to take down when filled with booze.