Food & Drink

The new Block on the block

Just popping open to keep Lucky's Lunch Counter company in the Culy Warehouse space, Block 16's a bi-level club outfitted with a small-house-sized, 360deg bar in the center, private booths spanning the sides, and four staircases leading to dual mezzanines, which meet at a catwalk overlooking a stage backed by a 35'x25' LED wall. Said stage will be graced by live music every Thursday and DJs on the weekend, plus they'll open the whole thing early before any Wed/Sat/Sun home Pads game to bolster team spirit with a collection of two-drink “beverage sets", presumably because they want to show how good they are at serving.

So, after registering that subtle tennis joke, saddle up to the massive central bar and wrap your man-paws around

The Modern Broker: Isn't it hilarious that brokers used to be able to afford Cristal and custom-painted Mazda Miatas? Well, after turning your 401k into 4.1k, the poor shlubs are now stuck with bottles of J. Roget champagne and Red Bull vodka, no Miatas in sight.

The Frat Boy Special: Strangely not culturally insensitive remarks & dumbbell flies, this combo keeps it real classy with your choice of domestic beer and a Jack Daniel's popper.

Just Turned 21: Bump 50 Cent. Then turn down the 50 Cent and order up this pairing featuring a Long Island Iced Tea with a Sex on the Beach shot. Then resume bumping 50 Cent.

Near Royale: Consisting of a bottle of champagne and four shots of Chambord, the Near Royale should entice at least a few people to keep you company, even if there's a rather small chance you'll get Lucky.