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Could easily be spent in this new whiskey bar

No longer just the rough cost of a 2007 Nissan Rogue in good condition, Seven Grand is now also North Park's iteration of the celebrated LA drinkery, and features a hunting lodge feel (buck/jackalope heads on the walls, dark wood, homestead-esque wallpaper), plus a monstrous rotating sign outside, much to the relief of Ace of Base. On the 'tail end they're keeping things pre-1890 (Old Fashioneds, Sours, Juleps, etc.), though if you prefer to go hard, they can offer up 220 worldly selections ranging from hard-to-come-by Buffalo Trace experimentals like the “Zinfandel Barrel-aged for 10yrs”, to exotic numbers like a Tazmanian whiskey called Lark, which should make you as happy as one. Kind enough to not keep it “secret”, they're starting up a Whiskey Society where a measly $120/yr grants access to private events like distiller showcases, cigar pairings, and tastings that will be focused more on education than drinking, making it sort of the anti-college. As they get into the swing of things, folks can look forward to the addition of cigars for sale, a more modern cocktail selection, and live jazz/blues shows that should be eye-opening, assuming you see The Sign.