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Published On 06/11/2012 Published On 06/11/2012

From a couple of liquid-bread heads who earned their stripes working at The Bruery, Societe Brewing is SD's newest suds maker, situated in a massive 16000sqft facility equipped with an oak-finished, eight-tap bar currently pouring their first four odes to our seedy societe, most of which hasn't learned to spell yet either. Representing a wide range of characters, initial offerings include: The Pupil: This “San Diego IPA” balances notes of melon/ guava/ white grape with Citra and Nelson hops, also what Mandela developed after years of wearing Strength Shoes. The Apprentice: A touch more boozy than The Pupil, this American IPA's profile focuses on Amarillo and citrus flavors. The Harlot: The only way this floral Belgian Extra would go down easier is if it was French. The Widow: This deceivingly strong Belgian dark will kill your sobriety, thanks to 9.1% ABV, but maintains drink-ability with caramelized sugars and dark fruit flavors. They'll be rolling out three more brews including another IPA called “The Dandy” and a SD Golden Ale named “The Scrapper” at their June 30th grand opening, where you better believe people will be getting pretty sociel.

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1. Societe Brewing 8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

Societe Brewing Company aims to create an inclusive community of beer-lovers, both novice and expert. In an effort to advance beer’s reputation in the US, Societe remains true to many European brewing traditions. The tasting room is equipped with an oak-finished, eight-tap bar that pours out brews from Societe’s four taxonomic beer categories: Out West (hop-forward), Old World (ales), Stygian (malt-heavy), and Feral (barrel-aged and blended). Check the weekly schedule to determine when your favorite food trucks are making rounds here.



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