Food & Drink

You're never too old to <strike>play</strike> drink like a champion

You know how they call Tierrasanta the “island in the hills”? Well, the couple behind Tavern & Bowl, Gaslamp Tavern, and the OC Tavern are continuing that neighborhood's resistance to logic with Champion Field, a sporty tavern that is in fact not an open meadow or baseball stadium. The spot's got a modern, memorabilia-less aesthetic, skeeball & air hockey, a huge wooden bar stretching out to a covered patio, and the all-important “Wall of Change”, where patrons can donate to local sports outfits, and have their donations matched at the end of every month, though again, someone from not-Tierrasanta should probably check their math. To make the field all dreamy, the bar's sporting 12 handles including Ballast Point and Green Flash, a small selection of vino to keep people wine-ing, and a full complement of liquor they'll be pouring into low-maintenance dranks they like to call “anti-cocktails”. Scribbled with not-so-subtle digs like “don't be a Player, be a champion” (eat it Player's Clairemont!), the menu's loaded with modified bar classics like wings with a caramel chipotle sauce, black bean/ cheese/ pico/ jalapeno/ sour cream-topped fries dubbed "Irish Nachos" (even though they aren't doused in whiskey), and burgers like the “Fireball”, whose Cajun spices and fried pepper jack inevitably lead to the question “wait, where can I actually douse my tongue in whiskey?". And because 10 interior & three exterior flatscreens aren't enough, they'll soon be be augmented by a 132” projection screen. They'll also be doubling the size of the covered patio to make room for more sizable private events, and kicking things off with a skee ball league -- win, and you'll be forever known as The King of the (island in the!) Hill.