Food & Drink

Don't go here if you hate pool, darts, beer & pizza

No longer just what your creepy biker aunt moans every time she walks past The Silver Spigot, O'Harley's is also Rancho Bernardo's newest watering hole/pizza-maker, set up in the former Graziano's. Like the now Stallone-less Dredd, the place has been remade, though it should be noted that it was actually the dude who owns the original in Poway who put in the two pool tables, U-shaped granite bar, and 12 flatscreens, and not DNA Film studios in conjunction with Reliance Entertainment. In addition to eight specialty pies like the breath-murdering Forever Garlic, the kitchen'll fix you up 1/2lb burgers eight ways, and sandwiches like the Italian Philly with sauteed mushrooms & onions, Mama's Marinara, mozz, and a “superior Philly beef” that probably has something to do with Andy Reid's clock management skills. And because it's dangerous to eat on an empty stomach, the bar's backed by a lineup of 30 taps ranging from Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter, to Coronado Brewing's Orange Wit, which should fit in especially well with your seedy sense of humor. If you still need more vittles, there's also a “Mama's Kitchen” section of the menu, made up of holdovers from the previous spot, like a homemade Taurasi lasagna with a family-recipe meat sauce, plus they're working on expanding their booze offerings with a full liquor license, possibly because hanging with you sober is Dreddful.