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Chambers eat + drink
Poolside booze-and-food at the Phoenix Hotel

Unfortunately not just a place to watch former Suns All-Star Tom have a meal, Chambers is the poolside booze-and-food replacement (from the couple behind Mighty and Wish) for the old Bambuddha Lounge in the Phoenix Hotel, sporting a new woodsy library-like decor augmented with walls of LPs, lumberjack plaid furnishings, and two booze-backed bars that'll sling 11 super-simple signature cocktails -- all named after their base spirit (i.e. The Tequila Drink) -- plus a constantly changing menu with plentiful small bites and entrees like a DIY sizzling Kobe tri-tip served on a piping hot Japanese stone.

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1. Chambers eat + drink 601 Eddy St, San Francisco, CA 94109

The interior styling at Chambers is evocative of a softly-lit contemporary speakeasy, with dark wood on the walls and floor and tons of records on recessed shelves in the wall. The outside, on the other hand, features a poolside patio where you can enjoy your drinks in the sunshine, and with a fine selection of cocktails and beers to choose from you'll have no problem keeping the day (or night) interesting.

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