This bar has eight drink menus

From the same virtuosos behind the Bourbon & Branch empire (Local Edition, The Wilson, Rickhouse, Cask), Tradition is a newly erected bi-level boozeery inside the old Mr. Lew's Win-Win Bar & Grand Sazerac Emporium, now armed with a much shorter name and one of the Branch crew's most impressive drink menus to date, largely because there are eight of them spanning the entire drinking lexicon, from Tiki to dive bar to speakeasy to English pub -- the last of which you'll definitely want to keep tabloids on

Part church (pews, confessionals, stained glass), part booze-seum (check out the vintage alcohol adverts), this tipple-ry features a reservation-free, library-ladder-equipped downstairs bar with 20 "Tradition"-carved stools, plus an also-reservation-free upstairs bar with an abbreviated version of all eight menus and a cache of barrel-aged spirits. But, Add this to My Thrillist as a fancy reminder to make reservations beforehand, and you'll get access to one of the eight private drinking confessionals downstairs, each themed to match one of the eight menus and so awesome we did a booth-by-booth photo spread (with drink pics!) that you can check out immediately in the link below, rather than waiting on The Daily Mail.