A SOMA lounge run by one of Wu-Tang's buddies

Not just what the other high school team ain't got for being U.G.L.Y., Alibi's also an opening-tomorrow SOMA rounge (restaurant + lounge!) run by a Yay Area DJ who's worked with Wu-Tang, E-40, and OutKast.The whole thing's set up to look like a warm, upscale hotel lobby for 21-and-over-ers, with 14000sqft dressed in off-white stone and dark wood trim, three flatscreens you can Tweet to (#super), rentable lockers you can store your personal booze in, and communal tables/lounge seating designed to "enhance mingling". Food's contemporary comfort-leaning, with larger dishes like a 1/2lb Kobe beef burger (w/ applewood-smoked bacon & sharp cheddar on toasted brioche), plus smaller stuff like mac n' cheese (w/ Dungeness crab and truffle) and four types of street-style tacos all grouped under (zoinks!) "Scooby Snacks".Because Gatorade is waaaay too complicated these days (Prime! Perform! Something else!), quench your thirst way more simply at Alibi's full bar where -- if your rich, generous friend happens to be along for the night -- you can order bottle service, plus five tap beers including Big Daddy, Shock Top, and Hoegaarden, or how the cheerleaders refer to your rival's quad.