Sushi, sake, and wha?!?

Adding a complementing third to an already awesome pair is almost always a good thing; take, for example, Indiana Jones adding the Last Crusade, or that chick from Total Recall adding... a BOOOOB! For a new FiDi retreat adding some infamous boo...ze to an already sweet pair, check out HECHO, opening tomorrow night.

From Bronx-born restaurant czar Joseph Manzare (Globe, Zuppa, Tres Agaves), HECHO is a two-story redo of the old Midi space that'll hook up sushi, sake, and tequila, a threesome you can dive into while seated at Japanese bathing stool'd tables or any of three downstairs bars (a 10-seat sushi, a tequila/sake-facing five-seater, and a spot for six in-kitchen) plus a massive upstairs dining room featuring a 16-seat communal table made out of a thick blonde oak, and a 40-person private room, but not a 40-person privates room, though just to be safe you may want to keep your Eyes Wide Shut. Exec chef Masaki Sasaki (2G Japanese Brasserie, St. Regis, Sebo) will help you soak up all that booze with robata-grilled Japanese fare (like blue prawns from Madagascar or bacon scallops) and a traditional Tokyo Bay-style sushi program (with live octopus and grilled white eel) that'll stay away from American-ized rolls, except the somersault -- that's a keeper. The sak-quila program includes more than 80 ultra-premium agave juices, 20+ Japanese rice wines by the bottle, plus close to a dozen more by the glass, and eight varietals of the Japanese businessman's drink of choice: a $8-10 7oz can of cold sake called The One Cup, served with, you guessed it, two girls just, you know, that one cup.

There'll also be beer on tap repping Mexico and Japan, signature cocktails made with both liquor offerings, and there're even plans to add a dim sum-esque tequila/sake cart upstairs, which would most certainly be the tits.