An actually underground booze-ery w/ gold-leaf eats

Everyone knows there's tons of awesome stuff underground, like buried treasures, progressive railroads, and martial arts-trained talking turtles who inexplicably have different regional American accents despite all living in a sewer underneath New York. Adding underground awesomeness to Nob Hill guaranteed to Rocksteady, Muka, opening today.

From a 26yr-old French dude who probably knows Tony Parker, Muka's a subterranean wine n' beer bar-cum-dessert-ery inside the old French bistro underneath Nob Hill's Alliance Francais, now serving super-sized suds at two candlelit communal high-tops (including one made of three used wine barrels), tablecloth-less twos, and comfortably bench'd fours named Kurt Thomas. While there is ample French wine (and two small-batch ports made with chocolate and hazelnut), the owner is most proud of the beer, including eight harder-to-find 750ml bottles (like Ommegang's Abbey Ale, La Chouffe's Golden Ale, and Rodenbach's Grand Cru Flanders Red) plus three more rotating brews on tap including France's Kronenbourg 1664, which will remain a constant, so if you order one, be sure not to leave any fractional part. The limited food menu's largely dessert-focused (there's a three-sweet Menage a Trois and a chocolate bread pudding with gold leaf dusted on it), but there're also a handful of apps (like crispy pommes frites with spicy aioli, and a tapenade trio) and even one main -- Moussy's burger, a hold-over from the old tenant that's available in three preparations including the Gruyere/charred onions/mustard-aioli "Classic", aka the only thing standing between Diet Coke and complete world domination. Well, that and Faygo, the original party pop.

Come late summer, they'll open up outdoor seating on the street-level patio above the bar, definitely something you'll want to give a, go ninja, go!.