Your new WWII-inspired watering hole

Everyone loves a bar that taps into America's storied past, except maybe the Japanese. And Native Americans. And women.

Luckily avoiding that sketchy US past for the greener pastures of those lovably repressed Brits, Churchill. Named after Sir Winston (and coincidentally located on Church St), Churchill's a new WWII-inspired drinkery (no food here, that ish is for the French) from the dudes behind Bloodhound and Double Dutch, set on quenching your post-ugly-lady-at-a-party-insulting thirst in a space replete with industrial lighting pulled from a factory in Belgium, massive metal pipes that double as pillars, and dozens of shipyard-thick ropes hanging loosely from the ceiling above the bar.

The bar itself features a massive ebony-accented walnut top handcrafted by one of their Dutch sailing buddies (with custom lighting made from rusty old chicken feeders) where they'll sling 10 mostly Cali-repping beers, 750ml to 22oz bottled brews, and a Bloodhound-rivaling cocktail program which'll include classics like a Brooklyn (Rye whiskey, dry vermouth, Amaro, maraschino) and a Pegu Club (gin, orange liqueur, lime, bitters), and will change regularly, like the dude in Altered Beast when he's snagging mad Spirit Balls.

If the 35 bar stools aren't your style there're also two mezzanine lounges featuring wood-planked floors, black club chairs, and custom couches made using old army tents, so you could conceivably pitch a tent on a tent, though the irony would likely be lost on the bouncer. And because Panzerschrecks are apparently illegal or something, they'll have other fun stuff to play around with in a makeshift game corner with revelry must-haves like a flatscreen, jukebox, and pool table, which also has a storied past that's told adorably by Brits, when they get all cute and call it snooker.