A bar worth going 12 rounds with

Front-manned by two drink moguls with ties to Bloodhound and Bourbon & Branch, Prizefighter is a pugilism-themed, SF-caliber East Bay cocktail bar armed with a heavyweight 'tail program you'll size up inside at a brick-backed black walnut bar (with an awesomely mounted axe), or outside on a 900sqft patio equipped with heat, so hopefully it doesn't go cold when the NBA Finals are on

From beer to sangria to cocktails, they're turning pretty much everything into pitchers (though not Jose Canseco...everyone remembers how that turned out), and'll anchor their two-page cocktail list with classic three-ingredient-or-less mixeds (like a Scotch/maple/bitters Nuevo Viejo or a brandy/orgeat/bitters Japanese) served with giant cubes band-sawed from 300lb blocks of ice

Also in the mix: eight carbonated 'tails from their Soda Fountain, including the Honeyed Highball (whiskey, honey, soda) and the Whiskey Apple Soda (rye, apple, lemon), plus eight-person "punch" bowls like the namesake Prizefighter (rum, lemon, port, porter beer) and the Doorknocker with white rum, Campari, Moscato d'Asti, pineapple, and definitely, definitely not a flaming bag of poo

And because you'll no doubt need to dull the pains of losing at their 16ft shuffleboard table, check out the "Oaxacan standoff", a half-shot of mezcal served w/ sangrita and a small beer for $6, also the salary raise at which Juwan Howard would consider hitting a couple jumpers.