A clandestine bar <em>inside</em> Park Tavern

Not just where God hangs out after a busy week of answering prayers for your sports team, Eden Lounge is also where you're about to start going, mostly because it's a hidden upstairs bar inside Park Tavern. Set above the main restaurant and armed with soundproofed ceilings so you can't hear the downstairs Brussels sprouts chips-eating, Eden can fit a select 45 drinkers in an about-as-large-as-Rye room outfitted in cobalt blue walls, globe lighting, and turn-of-the-century-style drawing room furniture, which, yes, includes Scarlet (O'Hara) couches.With its own service bar, they're offering a curated selection of not-available-at-Park-Tavern seasonal cocktails like the Eden Fall -- with Trace bourbon, peach cobbler filling, and ginger beer -- plus a small menu of bar snacks like Wagyu beef jerky or a tasting plate of PT fries, truffle aioli, Osetra caviar, and a soft-boiled egg, which's nothing to yolk about.Oh, and for holidays, they'll be pulling out all the stops like a caviar and champagne cart for a pinkies-up Christmas, or a one-day-only 50" flatscreen and fried quail combo for the Super Bowl, when God'll be busy stopping hurricanes/poverty/world war making sure the guys you bet on are covering the spread.