Food & Drink

See <em>The Dark Knight Rises</em>. Drink gin. Hang out with girls in latex.

In just two weeks' time, Chris Nolan's gonna make it Bane on SF, and he’s personally chosen the Balboa Theater as the 7x7’s only place to see a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in his beloved 35mm format. Way more importantly though, our Bro-ce Waynes at Thrillist Rewards have personally chosen to score you a super-limited Bat-tastic package that -- for $30 -- will include back-to-back-to-back July 20th screenings of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, AND The Dark Knight Rises, AND-AND-AND a Thrillist-exclusive, pre-movie hype party at Laszlo on July 17th

The three-hour, utility-belt-optional fete (6-9p) will include endless Gotham-themed cocktails (try the Bruce Wayne Manhattan) mixed with No. 209 artisanal gin, snackage like truffle popcorn, and photo ops with Batman & a latex-suited, awesome-sounding “Batwoman”, plus they'll even project Bat catalog classics (West! Keaton! Kilmer!) and ones with George Clooney too on their huge brick wall

Oh, and in case you can't stop thinking about latex-suited "Batwoman", you can also skip the epic three-fer screening and opt for a discounted pass to the party -- just don't tell anyone you Bale'd on the movie event of the year.