... Is not just for Scotch drinkers

Having just drafted famed Bastille mixologist Erik Carlson to craft a list of delicious new sippables, Macleod's is no longer just a place for Scotch drinkers and the groupies who sex them. EC's brought in a variety of new spirits (some of which aren't even Scotch!), new mixers, and a Kold-Draft ice machine, plus created several originals so innovative, by the end of the night you just may be trying to sex them too. But before you order something totally unsex-able, check out our crib sheet:

Choker: No longer just sexy things college girls in the late '90s wore on dates to Ethan Hawke films, this 'tail's got Scotch, absinthe, sugar, and Angostura bitters stirred over ice with a grapefruit peel.

Old Town Punch: In the olden days, men would gather 'round town squares hitting each other in the face while drinking strawberry-infused blanco tequila, mezcal, Aperol, lime, and orgeat on the rocks with a lime twist and nutmeg. Hmmmm... maybe don't look that up.

Athol Brose: According to the legend of Wikipedia, this drink of Scotch, oatmeal water, honey & cream on the rocks with grated cinnamon is named after the 1st Earl of Atholl, who quashed a Highland rebellion in 1475 by filling the rebel leader's well with the mixture, making him "easily captured". You can actually look that one up.

Royal Mile: What do you get when you mix gin, vermouth rouge, lemon, pineapple gomme, Cointreau, and nutmeg? This drink, and mad groupies who'll want to sex you for ordering it.