Seattle's sneakiest new drink spot

Sooner or later, most businesses are usually forced to go legit or bust, as evidenced by those commercials where that little girl's lemonade stand blows up, and she turns into a corporate sellout who doesn't even care that her friend biked like two miles over sketchy terrain to tell her to restock. For a legit bar in a space born from a shady/awesome history, hit the Upstairs.

Opened by the same crew behind the downstairs Pintxo, this 49-seater is serving up expertly crafted 'tails in a vintage-y dark-hued space that's sneakily located in a pseudo-residential space that once housed art co-op/kinda illegal drinking establishment the McLeod Residence, and accessed via a street-side stairway that's marked only by extremely subtle signs, which you won't be giving off after a few of their cocktails. The pretty-much-foodless swillery specializes in updated classics like Moscow Mules served in sweet copper cups; a 19thC Boston number, the Ward 8 (Bulleit rye, lemon/orange juice & grenadine); and a "grown-up" version of the Shirley Temple called the Dirty Shirley into which they've probably just tossed some Garbage. The Upstairs also does hilariously unfashionable-but-still-delicious 'tails ('70s-era lady drink the Pink Squirrel, a Long Island Iced Tea made w/ Earl Grey), and an extra-sweet list of suds that includes Russian River's Supplication, Ruination IPA from Stone Brewing, and Avery's White Rascal, though drink it quickly lest it get Flatts.

Future plans call for limited food options prepped in the kitchen downstairs, and a range of constantly rotating drink specials that'll include a shot & a beer (Buffalo Trace/Rainier), some kind of seasonal drink (hot buttered rum), and a punch, which Susie's Lemonade Stand's CEO is liable to get if she keeps acting a b**ch.