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Drink in the five stiffest Drink stories of 2011

Fremont Mischief: Fremont Mischief whiskey (and other spirits) is finally slinging the stuff stateside from a new Ship Canal-side distillery, complete with a tiny, hand-built retail shop and tasting room...more

Canon: Opened in the former Licorous space by a Vessel vet, this 40-seater (serving up a massive selection of highly elevated 'tails) is named, despite its vintage artillery-style logo, in reference to canonical standards of good taste...more

Artusi: This contemporary 50-seater features a white tile-topped U-shaped bar fronted with burned blonde & black presswood, handmade paper lanterns and a series of plywood murals painted by the chef...more

The Backdoor at Roxy's: Accessed via a nondescript door in the parking lot at Fremont mainstay Roxy's Diner, this speakeasy-ish 92-seater's serving up classic American eats/cocktails in a former Rain City Video space...more

Brave Horse Tavern: Brought to Amazon-land by the same crew behind Cuoco, this second story, brick- and blonde wood-heavy 200-seater is dominated by a giant three-sided bar that boasts 24 taps...more