Brews good enough to be your last

From Seattle-based Elysian Brewing and alternative comics publisher Fantagraphics, the 12 Beers of the Apocalypse are dropping in a seriously limited way on the 21st of each month from now until December, and feature dark, brooding labels illustrated by Charles Burns that'll make you think dark, brooding thoughts about the supposed Apocalypse, which, as predicted by the Mayans, will be powerful enough to eff up John Cusack's career three years ago. Highlights from the last year of your life first three months will include:Nibiru: Dropping tomorrow, this Belgian-style Tripel named for the mysterious planet apparently on a collision course with Earth boasts an infusion of yerba maté, and tea-like flavors thanks to a bunch of South American herbs, finally proving that not all South American people are relentlessly sexy. Rapture: Coming in February, this ale features Northwest Glacier hops, and gets a floral fragrance/slight bite from heather tips, which, in Richie Sambora's case, probably should have included "don't date anyone AFTER Tommy Lee".Fallout: The pale ale due in March is spiced with green cardamom, and named for the likely result of either a major world-ending disaster, or something that doesn't involve learning you won't get another Redbook for up to eight weeks.