Is pretty damn awesome

You know that famous nursery rhyme, "Ba Bar black sheep, have you any... new cocktails whipped up with help from Liberty Bar's Andrew Friedman and/or wool?". Well, the Vietnamese street food slingers would answer, "Yes sir, yes sir," but only to that first part, as they just expanded their bar (adding 24 new seats around high top tables) and totally revamped their cocktail program in order to make you three bags full... of booze! Highlights include the:

Hung Hero: Oh, you think this is some sort of action movie starring Visanthe Shiancoe? Crap, that would be awesome, but until they make it, you'll have to settle for Gold Rum, Benedictine, black pepper syrup, lime, and orange bitters.

Carnivale Batida: A batida is a Brazilian cocktail that comes from the word "shaken" or "milkshake", or, in a different, weirder context, "car crash", though you'll experience more of the sugar kind of crash after you take down cachaca, condensed milk, sugar cane syrup, seasonal fruit, and a cinnamon stick (NOTE: definitely eat the cinnamon stick).

Nguyen Dynasty: Named for the last ruling family of Vietnam, who defeated the Tay Son Dynasty in what many historians call "a kind of boring war that's surprisingly difficult to Google", this pup's full of gin, rhubarb syrup, lemon, sparkling wine, and star anise.

Rummy Saz: Take down a few of these Black Strap & Gosling's rum, green chartreuse, Peychaud's Bitters, Precious Pacific Northwest Coffee Bitters, and cane syrup numbers and you'll likely have trouble saying even famous nursery rhymes.

Photos by Geoffrey Smith