A massive addition to Cap Hill

Despite its complete lack of exploding ballpoint pens and personal alligator submarines, Q Nightclub still manages to appeal to more than just 007 English people thanks to two bars, an elevated mezzanine, a unisex (!...?) bathroom, and a custom sound system, all of which the NYC nightlife-vet running the place has stuffed into a cavernous, century-old auto garage. What to expect

The Space: Boasting a serpentine entry way, towering 18ft ceilings, as well as both original concrete and undulating modern walls, the space's dominated by a curvilinear island bar topped by a 70ft slab of white quartzite, and features an intimate walnut-paneled “Bourbon Bar" hidden beneath a sexed-up elevated lounge where everything from the floor to the furniture is just like your face after a few of said bourbons: red

The Entertainment: A sweet lineup of resident DJs (Recess, Riz, Nark, though likely only until they find out he's been telling the playground monitor everything), and guest performances (DJ Little Rock, Erykah Badu) will benefit from the ear-exploding sound system by iconic audiophiles Funktion One.

The Consumables: Q's serving a lineup of seasonal craft cocktails, and its Bourbon Bar's got over 100 American whiskeys and... duh... bourbons, plus edibles (but only weekdays during its 5-9p happy hour) that include short ribs w/ potato puree & veal gravy, and an herbed Laab Chicken, which unlike Q's lab chicken, just tastes like the bomb.