An Irish pub empire expands to Cap Hill

Sometimes the same thing can mean vastly different things to different people -- your track coach calling you a "one-minute man", is just a crude way to point out your endurance is poor, but when your girlfriend does it sh...well, okay, bad example. Providing you with a good example thanks to its semi-controversial name, The Chieftain.

Opened in the Seattle U-adjacent space vacated by Doc Hastings, and named (in a sly nod to the university's not-PC former mascot) for traditional Irish clan chiefs by the pub vet behind Finn MacCool's and McGilvra's, this fireplace'd 99-seater's serving a mash-up of American & Emerald Isle eats in a cavernous, polished wood-heavy bar made sporty by the addition of flatscreens, a pool table, and a pinball machine. Mains mean a cheddar/ mozzarella/ Parmesan mac 'n cheese laced with bacon; a beef-/ potato-based Guinness Stew; and an onion gravy-smothered Bangers and Mash, which, because it means he doesn't have to pass the ball or rebound, is also Jamal's favorite lineup. They're also doing burgers (the tangy BBQ-/ bacon-topped Bar-B-Bac), sandos (a corned beef/ horseradish mayo Irish Dip w/ au jus), and apps like Kobe Beef or Pulled Pork Sliders, and a jack/ cheddar/ homemade salsa Ques O' Dilla, which, in Spanish, presumably refers to all that Slum Village money Jay Dee made before he died.

Future plans call for outdoor seating, plus all-day happy hour on Monday, and Sunday football specials, where you can enjoy local/ Euro brews, and a variety of Glens, but hopefully not any Becks, since most people can only take about a minute of that guy, anyway.