... their bar, and what they're selling behind it

The expansion of space occurs at a rate of 74km per second per 100 million parsecs of observed distance, which, depending on whatever the heck a parsec is, sounds like it dwarfs the expansion of MistralKitchen's space, as they've merely added a handful of seats at a sweeping new stainless steel-topped bar, plus 14 outdoor spaces behind a custom wood railing on Westlake Ave. But (!) when you add in the collection of original and classic cocktails they've just dropped, Mistral's relativity relatively caught up. The not-so-scientific proof: The Kentucky Cartel: Invented by the bar manager at Barrio, and served in a glass rinsed w/ Laphroaig, this drink's made up of Bulleit, Canella tequila, clover honey, Old Fashioned bitters, and presumably a bunch of gun thugs pissed off at Raylan Givens, so don't even think of shooting it.The Detective: Make the rest of your night an unsolvable mystery by taking down this concoction of Dolin Blanc, maraschino, orange bitters and Martin Miller’s gin served in an ice cold flask.The Merchant’s Cooler: Besides being a blanco tequila/house grenadine/orange blossom water/watermelon concoction, it's also what any real Shakespeare fan in the entire universe would think after a performance of Measure for Measure.