An eat-/night-spot opens in South Lake

Charles Caleb Colton famously said that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", though he also had a severe gambling addiction and killed himself, so perhaps you shouldn't take that literally. Safely opting to copy themselves rather than him, the crew behind Trago Cocina.

From the dudes behind Eastlake's resto-by-day, lounge-by-night Citrus, this similarly-conceived Mex-taurant (which takes its name from the Spanish phrase for taking a shot) has added to the formula two bars, an upstairs patio, and several south-of-the-border touches (wrought-iron lanterns, geometric tile trim, etc.) to a former Outback, whose onions are clearly no longer bloomin'. Comida means soft tacos (the marinated BBQ pork/ grilled pineapple/ cilantro Al Pastor, topped w/ red chili sauce & lime), quesadillas (with Monterey Jack, crema, pico de gallo & a choice of protein), and generously proportioned burritos, like a grilled steak-/ guacamole-stuffed number called the Colorado that, despite its size, goes down Rapid(s)ly. Edibles are rounded out by a selection of tortas (served w/ hand-cut fries & pico de gallo) ranging from the grilled carne asada w/ mayo & grilled onion, to the Chorizo con Huevo & chipotle mayo, to the 1/2lb applewood bacon/ grilled onion/ chipotle mayo/ Monterey Jack cheese Kobe Beef, which extends to Shaqhis wifeDerrick Rosekids at his basketball camp pretty much everyone except Derek Fisher.

Additionally, there's a tequila-heavy list of 'tails, happy hour steez (prawn ceviche, seafood-topped nachos), and, starting today, a regular Taco Tuesday promotion with $2 tacos and $4 Mexican beers all day -- the over-consumption of which you'll soon recognize as the "sincerest form of fattery".