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The Bellevue spot gets (even more) serious about drinking

Science. There's so much you can do with it -- study it, drop it... probably some other stuff. To wit: the veteran barman at Monsoon East is using it to gussy up the Asian foodery's new cocktail program, which, in addition to refining old techniques (barrel-aged imbibables, wood smoke-infused 'tails), creates liquid refreshments using things like molecular gastronomy, and a revolutionary new carbonation device created last year by a Seattle physicist. See what Monsoon (and said physicist) have in store for you below:

The Dubois: Made with pot-stilled Smith & Cross Rum, Bulleit Rye, Barolo Chinato & a pinch of Campari (then flavored in a decanter filled with hickory smoke), this take on a Manhattan is called Dubois because that means 'wood' in French, and is the last name of the first dude that bartender made it for... or something like that, the story's a pretty tangled W.E.B.

Wine Coolers: This isn't your mother's Boone's Farm that she likes to mix with Sprite and drink discreetly at your soccer games. But it is a bunch of wine cocktails served in old-school pop bottles, like the rosemary- & fennel-infused Old Tom gin/ grapefruit bitters/ tangerine/ Pinot Grigio-based Hadrian's Wall, after the defensive fortification in Roman Britain.

The Seelbach: Named for the Kentucky Hotel where it was created in 1917, this classic 'tail (made with bourbon, Cointreau & dash of Champagne) is seriously updated thanks to the aforementioned Perlini carbonation system that -- instead of watering drinks down with soda -- gives 'em fizz using... um, science, or possibly some other stuff.