The Downtown boozer gets revamped

Remaking a classic is never a bad idea -- just look at Marky Mark's Planet of the Apes... then look away from that terrible example, and over at The Triple Door. Though sadly they haven't added a long-awaited Quadruple Door, they have opened up the space, and added a row of colorful booths overlooking the street, plus a menu stuffed with new 'tails & snacks they're calling "bar-centric", unlike Leo, who recently Departed. Now scroll down for even more good stuff: New eats include salt & pepper riblets, Vietnamese chicken wings, shrimp toast, and Sambal-mayo-dipped curry fries that, if you've seen Eddy, you already know aren't bottomless. If none of that sounds good, you likely need another drink, so try the Raspberry Ginger Buck w/ gin, lime & raspberry ginger beer, or the rye/ Cointreau/ grapefruit/ lime bitters Indian Summer, which at least sucks less than the Mariners' Summer. Additional offerings still include their exclusive, Elysian-produced Backstage Ale, plus holdovers from noodles to classic satay options so reliably good, they'll be Gone in 60 Seconds... as long as it's the '74 version.