The new version of this Downtown boozer finally opens

They say that everything old eventually becomes new again, but they also say you can't teach old dogs new tricks, so clearly "they" are having issues all staying on message. Making what was once old new again (and adding a few tricks too, dog): Vessel.

Finally opening after two years, the new version of this downtown boozer has more than twice the space, which they've filled with a custom wood-topped bar, and a "Lab" in the back for prepping housemade ingredients and chipping giant 300lb blocks of ice. Curated by a rotating line-up of guest bartenders from Seattle's sweetest drinking establishments, the list of bevs they're putting all that ice into includes the Sexy Old Fashioned (Johnny Drum Bourbon, Old Overholt, Benedictine & Pimento Dram), and a 10yr Armagnac, Rittenhouse Rye & Pacifique Absinthe concoction called The Jesus of Sazeracs, which is to die for... but presumably only for three days. Evening eats mean shared plates like charcuterie w/ Zoe's meats & pickled vegetables, and a house-cured salted beef Carne Salada w/ fresh apricots, plus traditional bar snacks like beer nuts, reinforcing the fact that they think you'd be the latter to order the former (though they've got some on tap just in case)

During the day they're serving bistro fare like a Muffuletta and a braised lamb French Dip, plus a salad w/ shaved duck that's likely farm raised, considering teaching your dog to hunt can be... um, tricky.

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