A (winter) sports bar in Fremont

When you combine two things you love, nothing can stop you -- except the courts, who outlawed polygamy in like 1882 for everyone except Bill Paxton. Marrying their love of winter sports and drinking, the guys behind Woodsky's.

Opened in the former Saints & Sinners space by two snow sports enthusiasts who met while slinging drinks on the Eastside, this laid-back 40-seater's dominated by a polished wood-topped bar back-lit by primary-colored LEDs, and decked with myriad winter sports touches (reclaimed snowboard sideboards, sign posts for local ski areas), as well as offering up entertainment options from darts to weekly goldfish races for prize money, an idea that's totally genus. Tippling options include mostly local brews (Diamond Knot, Manny's), specials that include $1 PBRs and $2 Jello shooters, and shots served using multi-person "Shot-Skis" that boast glasses affixed to either a 2-person trick ski, a standard stick designed for four, or an Olympic ski jumping number that serves at least eight -- more than Enough, even if you are a Dick (Van Patten). Grub-wise they've got a selection of generously proportioned open-faced sandos ranging from a marinara/mozz topped Meatball, to a slow roasted pork loin w/ BBQ sauce & provolone, to a slow-cooked-in-beer Italian Beef, which could probably be avoided, if Ronnie wasn't always cheating on the passive aggressive that's not JWoww.

Future plans include Italian-inspired eats based on recipes by one of the owner's mother, charter bus service to the pass, and a blowout for next week's X Games, but not XY Games, as the courts have been on top of preventing incest since even before polygamy (though again, none of this applies to Bill Paxton).