Strange brews in Fremont

If you're Jim Caviezel, being an Outlander can beat down your movie career so hard you end up on TV with the creepy dude from Lost even though you specifically requested the hot blond dude as a co-star. If you're the guys at Outlander Brewery & Pub, it means setting up shop in a Victorian house, then turning the basement into a suds production facility, and the main floor/deck into a nano-sized... pub, furnished with vintage bric-a-brac like a working phonograph.Crafted in 30-gallon batches, their "nontraditional" brews include chocolate & coffee-hinted Peanut Butter Pioneering Stout; a strawberry-infused Summer wheat; and Burn It Brown, which uniquely matches a pungently fruity nose with an unusually smokey body, because if there's one flavor you want in your beer, it's 1970s Jackie Gleason. So, hungry? Good, because you can feast on a smoked salmon panini with a housemade cream cheese spread, Bavarian Meats sausages braised in their seasonal beers, and smoked meats from Han's Deli you'll want to inhale, but really should Chewie.Beyond their own brews, they'll also offer 15 or so mostly local bottles as well as two guest taps each month that'll be decided in part by an online poll that'll help them "cater to (their) audience", something some strikingly handsome, totally weird actors don't have to worry about anymore.