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There's over 200 beers. Which should YOU try?

You can never recapture that feeling outside KeyArena after the Sonics beat the Bulls in game five of the '96 Finals... at least not without a shton of beer. Luckily that's the exact amount the Seattle International Beerfest'll be serving this weekend, which, along with eats from a bevy of street food-slingers and some sweet live music, makes this the best thing to happen at Seattle Center since that night Shawn Kemp probably fathered at least two kids in a concession stand went 12-for-17 with 10 boards. In his honor, check this breakdown of the Fest's 200+ brews using Shawn and the rest of the Supes' starting five. Check it out:The Beer: Hofbrau Dunkel LagerPerfect For: Detlef SchrempfThis refreshing Munich-style brew is ideal Det because it's... um, from Germany, and its name has "dunk" right in it, and dude dunked at least three to five times in his career! Though it would probably make more sense if it was a pale ale. The Beer: Two Beers Ascension Triple IPA Perfect For: Shawn KempThe most powerful guy on the team would love the most powerful beer of the weekend -- its ABV of 18.2 is right around the number of points the Reign Man averaged in Seattle. And also children he just made in a concession stand behind that other concession stand while you read that sentence. The Beer: Sam Adams UtopiasPerfect For: Gary PaytonOnly available Friday at 5p, bottles of this superstar brew can go for up to $500 and 10 beer tickets gets you just 1oz, which is still plenty to have you engaging in trashed talk. The Beer: Old Lompoc Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Bang RedPerfect For: Nate McMillanLike Nate, this Oregon brew has a ton of intangibles, including a creamy caramel flavor with hints of vanilla. And it wears suits with a ton of buttons. The Beer: Beer Valley's Leafer MadnessPerfect For: Sam PerkinsThis Imperial IPA outta Cali is over 90 IBUs, making it one of the fe... ah, screw it. He should probably just wait 'til Hempfest.