An old-school tavern opens in (surprise, surprise) South Lake

Since colonial times, taverns have been popular gathering places, until the townsfolk got a peek at those Magic cards, and started burning everyone at the stake. For a new gathering place generating heat that hopefully stops short of immolation, Brave Horse Tavern.

Brought to Amazon-land by the same crew behind Cuoco, this second story, brick- and blonde wood-heavy 200-seater is dominated by a giant three-sided bar that boasts 24 taps, features two retro-style shuffleboard tables beneath massive metal skylights and a ream of decorative touches (vintage bar signs, reclaimed plank walls, equine statues, etc.), and is serving up fancified pub-eats from an open kitchen fronted by an entry-facing to-go counter, also the dude Shawn Kemp hires to tally up his trips to Kidd Valley. Comestibles include snack options (fried cheese curds w/ grain mustard mayo, beef tartare/ spring onion/ aioli "Cannibal" sandwiches), burgers (with smoky sauce on Painted Hills chuck, chicken-fried turkey breast, seared albacore tuna, etc.), smokehouse options (smoky BBQ brisket dip w/ onion roll & ancho chili sauce), and mains like a Washington beef minute steak w/ caramelized onions & a loaded Idaho baker, but not a loaded Idaho banker, because, come on, dude lives in Idaho. If it's pretzels you desire, they've got handformed ones malt boiled, hearth-roasted and served with spreads ranging from smoked peanut butter & bacon, to Penn Cove clams & Chuckanut Vienna Lager, or mustards that include super hot and honey -- the latter being a role Jessica Alba obtained exclusively for being the former.

Brew options include local taps (Maritime's Salmon Bay ESB), and bottles (Pike's Tandem Double IPA, Russian River's Pliny the Elder), and they've got an all day breakfast offering called the SLHAM & EGGS that includes two of them (from Wilcox Farm) matched with house-cured pork shoulder ham -- a hearty meal, totally fit for a Man-na.