Inside West Seattle's new beer destination

Attention: You no longer need to smuggle Rainier Ice into bars in your sweatpants, thanks to the Admiral District's Copper Coin. There -- instead of the beer you spent an entire year crushing just so you could use the labels to decorate your dorm room -- they're slinging 20 sweet craft numbers, and eats prepped by a former Seahawks' team chef inside the old Porterhouse space, which they've trimmed in orange and fitted with gray booths/banquettes that look like they were built with slabs of overcast sky.The suds line-up includes Laughing Dog's Rocket Dog Rye IPA, brews from Everett's Lazy Boy & Bellingham's Chuckanut, and Seven Seas Brewing's Port Royal Stout outta Gig Harbor, so you know you'll be able to drink it like it's your job. Eats mean starters (a crimini mushroom quesadilla w/ roasted poblano, chevre, manchego, jack & chipotle sour cream), mains (hangar steak w/ parsley-oregano pesto & home fries), and sandwiches that include a rotating Burger of the Week about which you can either get info on from a Post-It on the fridge in Carrie's apartment, or your server.Wait, there's more! The CC's not satisfied plying you with beer and food, so they're also doing craft cocktails like the bourbon/ Rossbacher/ Benedictine/ absinthe Old Hat, and a gin/ Two Beers pale ale/ lemon/ honey combo, which is essentially called what you were when the RA made you take down that sick Rainier collage: a Bitter Bee.