Downtown's whiskey-focused watering hole

Naming your place after an accurate description of what it is can be a simple solution, as in the case of the White House or A Club That Will Close Down After Two Months Because People Don't Go To The Same Club For More Than Two Months And Anyway We've Got Mad Code Violations. For another place whose name pretty accurately describes what it is, check Corner Bar: the 40-seat watering hole in the old Whiskey Bar space is helm'd by the crew behind next door's Buenos Aires Grill, and dominated by a U-shaped wooden bar, from which they're slinging considered takes on classic beverages. The cocktail list is mostly updated standards (the Corner Bar Manhattan w/ Beam Black, burnt orange, cherry & chocolate bitters), or concoctions that're actually quite simple -- for A Good Time you don't call the number scrawled in the bathroom, but you do combine bourbon, strega & orange bitters. Drink options also include 80 different whiskeys, a mostly local draft list, and some exotic bottled suds like the hazy amber Hop Rod from Bear Republic, and La Trappe's Quadrupel, which, at 10% ABV, likely spells disaster for the rest of your evening. If you're Hungary you might want to consider abandoning efforts to adopt the Euro because the austerity measures necessary to meet the Maastricht criteria are crippling economic growth, but if you're hungry the CB'll make you a handful of flatbread pizzas and Not Much Else Because We'd Rather You Eat At Our Restaurant Next Door But We Have To Offer You Something Or We'll End Up With Mad Code Violations.